Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PCP on the Page & on TV - Game of Thrones

If you haven't been watching or reading the Game of Thrones series, you are seriously missing out.  The TV Series Game of Thrones airs on HBO and has run two seasons so far.  I've only seen the first, as the 2nd isn't on DVD yet and I do not have HBO.  The show is outstanding, and a rather faithful adaptation of the book series.  The best way to describe the show is it is kind of like the Sopranos in terms of the drama, with a dash of True Blood's sex and violence, but set in a medieval fantasy setting - a world with magic and dragons (though that is more of an important issue in the books so far than the show).  The book series by author George R.R. Martin is 5 books and counting so far (he is planning for 7 total), and I cannot recommend them enough.  They are long (some hit the 1000 page mark) but they are outstanding, some of the best fantasy writing I have ever read.  If you haven't already watched the first season or read the books, I highly encourage you to go out and do so as soon as you can.  The seasons of the show are 10 episodes each, and although the first season is a little slow in starting, once it gets going, it is just a phenomenal show.  It has been heavily decorated by the Emmys, and for good reason.

For those of you that have read the books or watched the series, I leave you the below .gif image of probably my favorite moment of the first season.  For those of you that haven't watched the show, once you do you'll understand just why this is so awesome.

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