Friday, August 3, 2012

PCP on DVD - Happy Feet Two

Anyone that knows me knows I like to watch a lot of movies.  New visitors to this blog can probably figure that out quick by looking through my post history.  I'll watch pretty much everything.  Sometimes, that pays off with a good movie, and sometimes you get a dud.  Happy Feet Two was one of those duds. 

Two, not 2
Happy Feet Two - 2011, Rated PG.  100 minutes.  My rating:  5 out of 10.

Happy Feet Two is a sequel to the cute 2006 animated penguin movie that was far better than this one.  In fact, my enjoyment of the first one was why I chose to waste my time on this film, even though I am about 25 years older than its target demographic.  Sometimes kids movies have something for the grownups to enjoy.  Only sometimes though.  This is not really one of those times.

The film is a series of loosely connected plot threads primarily told through giant song and dance numbers by all of the penguins.  While the song selections are great (I especially loved Queen's Under Pressure showing up), since they are all covers and not original numbers it really kind of feels like an animated episode of Glee with penguins instead of humans.  The film also has a pro-environment, anti-climate change message to it that kind of beats you over the head after awhile, so if you are a climate-change denier and don't want your kids to grow up to like the environment, then don't show them this movie.

I'm sure this film is great for kids though, as the massive song and dance numbers are probably pretty enthralling to a 5 year old, but to a 30 year old the film falls flat.  I'll let my son watch this when he gets older, but I'll pass on seeing it again.

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