Friday, August 24, 2012

PCP on DVD - This Means War

As a married man, I sometimes get stuck watching a romantic drama or romantic comedy in order to make up to my wife for making her sit through an action flick like Immortals.  So, since I sometimes have to fall on this sword, I at least try and watch the ones that have something for the men in the audience as well.  This Means War does that, having Captain Kirk, Bane, and some slapstick action to keep men from falling asleep during the film.

This Means War - 2012, Rated PG-13.  My rating:  7 out of 10.

This Means War is the story of two CIA agents and partners (Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk and Tom Hardy aka Bane) that wind up inadvertently dating the same girl (Reese Witherspoon).  Kirk and Bane (I refuse to call them their stupid character names FDR and Tuck respectively) have been partners for a long time but wind up resorting to childish actions that threaten their partnership as well as their lives in their slapstick battle of wills to win the girl. 

The movie itself is light and entertaining, not that I was expecting anything serious from director McG.  Kirk and Bane  have good chemistry with each other as well as with Reese.  The jokes are funny and some of the slapstick gags will have you laughing.  The action is okay, but at least the film throws some in to make the men in the audience happy.  Only one thing really bugged me about the film - they never explain how the CIA has an agent that speaks all the time with a British accent and is apparently a Brit.  Doesn't the CIA only hire Americans as field agents?

Minor quibble aside, the film was fun and there are definitely worse films to watch on a date night (like this list of films to avoid on Valentines Day I wrote earlier this year) so if your significant other wants some romance, pick this one up!

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