Tuesday, August 21, 2012

POS - What Romney would have to do to get my vote

I had originally written this post prior to the announcement of Congressman Ryan as Romney's VP pick and it was supposed to originally go live on the blog on Monday August 13th.  Then Romney had to go and announce his VP on the 11th, resulting in me having to rewrite sections of this post.  I hate having to do more work.  Anyways, on to the post!

For those of you that don't know me too well, I typically vote Democrat with some exceptions.  However, I have been disappointed in Obama's Presidency, even though I feel he has accomplished a lot more than people give him credit for.  So, if there were a viable alternative for my vote, I'd be open to considering it.  (Not that it matters, as I live in a blue state and thanks to the electoral college my vote means squat anyways- but my rant on the Electoral College will be coming to the blog next month on September 4th so check back then, we'll deal with that issue later).  But lets say the electoral college didn't exist and my vote did in fact mean something.  In that hypothetical scenario, these are the things Mitt Romney would have to do for me to even consider voting for him, something he has given me no inclination to do thus far.  So, Mr. Romney - this is what you'd need to do for me to even think of supporting you.

1.  Actually define clearly what it is you intend to do as President. 

Thus far you have been extremely vague on your plans for what you'd do as President.  How exactly will you accomplish things once you are in office?  I need details!  You can’t just say “I’m going to balance the budget” without telling us what programs you intend to cut and just how much you intend to cut them (because we know you aren't gonna raise taxes on yourself or your rich friends).  You aren’t my parent, so saying “because I said so” doesn’t work.  Also, now that you've chosen Paul Ryan as your VP, you need to clearly spell out what exactly is in the Ryan budget in terms of specific programs cut, how much of the budget plan are you endorsing/embracing, and what if any changes you plan on making to the GOP budget proposal put forth by your VP choice.

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2.  Quit being a whiner

Last I checked, Presidents don't whine.  Quit whining when you get hit with powerful attack ads from the other side.  "Waaaaah! They distorted my record on when I was at Bain, they're being unfair."  You're a crybaby.  Whining about what the other side is doing is what your aides and underlings are for.  You're supposed to strike back forcefully yourself.

3.  Release your tax records

At this point, your continued refusal to release your tax records just adds to the flames.  It really makes me wonder what it is you may be hiding in there that is so awful that taking all this flak is actually better than releasing them.  The tradition of releasing 12 years of tax returns is standard for Presidential candidates thanks to a precedent established by your own father!  You can't just get away with releasing a year or two.  I'm sorry, but a candidate for the office of President should have to release more information than an average Joe trying to refinance his mortgage.

4.  Release the names of your top donors & bundlers to your PACs and your campaign

Considering how much money you are raising for this campaign, I want to know just who is trying to buy you the White House so I can try and figure out who you will feel indebted to. 

5.  Tell Donald Trump and all the rest of the Birthers to shut up already

Seriously, the whole birther thing is BS and you know it.  Stop being a coward and stand up to them.  If you can't stand up to your own political party, how are you supposed to do it across the negotiating table from hostile Democrats, or the leaders of other countries such as China or Russia? While you're at it, tell the people that call him a Muslim to shut up as well. If his skin wasn't so dark, there'd be no one accusing him of being a Muslim. If he was a white kid who grew up in Saudi Arabia, there'd be less people thinking he's really a Muslim.  It's racist hatemongering and you need to tell your followers that believe it to shut up.

6.  Stop sticking your foot in your mouth

Seriously, cut that crap out.  It is extremely unpresidential.  Don't say things like you enjoy firing people, or that London did a bad job of Olympics preparation, or anything else along those lines.  You're making it extremely hard to take you seriously when you can't seem to realize you're saying something incredibly stupid.  On your recent trip abroad you told the Israelis that the only thing separating their economy from the Palestinians was culture.  Really?  Culture?  Not the weight of economic sanctions leveled on the Palestinians by the Israelis?

7.  Stop pandering to your audience and changing your tune at every campaign stop

When you were in Poland, you told the people there that their economy rebounded from Communism thanks to their strong labor unions.  Dummy!  Don't go praising unions!  That's the Democrats' ally, not yours!  Then on the same trip abroad you praised the Israelis' low healthcare costs as a nation.  They have socialized medicine there idiot!  You do it here at home in the states too.  By changing in the wind every time you give a speech, you reaffirm the doubts people have about you, that you're just a political creature that will say anything and everything to get elected.  We already know you changed your position on every major issue within the past 10 years - gun control, abortion, gay marriage, healthcare, and many more.  The last thing you want to be doing is reminding everyone that you appear to have no spine.

8.  Don't pick a bad VP candidate.

Seriously, just don't.  No Palin, no Bachman, no Trump.  Don't do it. (That was written before he chose Paul Ryan)
You've chosen Paul Ryan.  It is a bold choice, but I don't think it was the smartest choice you could've made.  On the other hand, there was really a shortage of strong candidates for VP, just like there was a shortage of strong candidates for President, which is why we are stuck with you as your party's nominee in the first place.

9.  Pay off my wife's and my student loan debt

Come on, you're filthy rich.  You can buy my and my wife's votes easy without blinking a sweat, for only a handful of times what you would've bet Rick Perry at that one debate.  You can probably write it off as a charitable donation too.  Plus, it's economic stimulus.  Those monthly payments we do on our student debt would instead be pumped in to the economy in the form of purchases of goods and services.  In all seriousness though, you do need to address student loan debt for people in this country in this election.  Too many of us are graduating from college or grad school buried under a mountain of debt, which is delaying when we of my generation purchase things such as a house, get married, or have a family.  Doing something about the student loan debt shouldn't only be an issue for the Democrats, it should be an issue for everyone.

10.  Quit outright lying.

It's one thing to be slightly deceitful.  That's expected in a politician.  It's another thing to be outright lying at every campaign stop.  That's exactly what you are doing with attacking Obama for "cutting Medicare" and "gutting welfare."  For the cuts to Medicare - those are projected reductions in spending thanks to improved efficiencies and eliminated waste.  In fact, those exact same reductions in spending on Medicare are included in the Paul Ryan budget, and you've gone on record before supporting them.  So attacking them now is total BS and you know it.  For the gutting of welfare - what Obama recently did to change the welfare laws was to give the states more control over how they administer welfare.  It's something that GOP governors have been asking for for several years now, and when you were Governor you petitioned for the same thing.  For once the fed gov't does more for states rights and you have the nerve to complain?  You raging hypocrite!  Knock it off!

Ok those are my thoughts.  I know that Romney will never be able to accomplish the things on this list, but a guy can dream right?

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