Monday, August 20, 2012

POS - Jury Duty

So starting today, 8/20, I've been scheduled to report for Jury Duty.  This won't impact the blog too much, as I already have posts scheduled for the next few weeks to auto-update.  The nice thing is that this is my first time being called for Jury Duty in a decade - the last time it happened I was out of state in college so I was able to get out of it.  I'm sure the judge will have some sort of gag order in place so I cannot blog about my experiences until after the trial is over, but I will be posting my thoughts on the experience as well as on the trial as soon as it is completed.  Other than that, the only impact on the blog will be that if I am selected for a jury, I will not be able to do bonus updates on breaking news.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!  Check back later this week for more posts, I've got some more reviews that will post this week on Wednesday and Friday, and a political post going up tomorrow.

Ok so I wasn't selected for Jury Duty today.  Apparently I have to call in each day to see when it is my day to report to the courthouse.  Today only potential jurors 1-80 had to actually show up to court.  I am potential juror 265.  So, if that rate holds up, I will not be having to show up to court until Thursday.  I'll keep everyone posted.

*****UPDATE 2*****
So when I called the hotline Monday night to see if I need to report yet, they announced that anyone with a juror number above 200 can forget about reporting and that our services are not needed at this time.  Thus, I get out of jury duty without even having to go to court.

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