Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PCP on the Page - My favorite authors

As I mentioned back in my review for 2312, I have a core set of current authors that I read every book they publish, or every book in a particular series.  If I find something particularly good or something I want to talk about in one of their books, I'll do a post on the book, like I did for the Game of Thrones series (technically called "A Song of Ice and Fire" but thanks to the show now better known as Game of Thrones) by George R.R. Martin.  These are those authors, in alphabetical order by last name:

  • David Baldacci
  • Richard Castle (Yes I know this is a fictional character and a product of the marketing department over at ABC but the books are a fun continuation of the TV show)
  • Tom Clancy
  • Clive Cussler
  • Christopher Farnsworth
  • Vince Flynn
  • John Grisham
  • Chuck Hogan
  • Stephen King
  • George R.R. Martin
  • James Patterson
  • James Rollins
  • John Sandford
  • Harry Turtledove
There may be others that I am forgetting at the moment, but those are the ones that come to mind that I read the most regularly.  Do you guys have any suggestions for me for other authors or books you think I'd enjoy?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Brad Thor is good. You should check out his books.

    1. I'll have to check him out, thanks!

  2. I've read all of Brad Thor's stuff as of early this year and enjoyed it. They're the Scot Harvath series - basically a former SEAL turned covert ops guy who runs around saving the world from terrorists.

    Barry Eisler has an interesting series about a Japanese-American assassin named John Rain. He started a separate series recently about a special forces/covert ops guy named Ben Treven and, of course, their paths cross in a later novel.

    If you're into the whole mystery/thriller thing, I'd recommend Brad Meltzer, who you may know from his History Channel series and as a comic book writer. His novels are pretty engaging.

    I, myself, have been thinking of getting into guys like Baldacci and Patterson, but haven't yet. I've also thought about starting up with Lee Child. As you can see, I've been on a bit of a thriller/spy/action novel kick lately.

    Harry Turtledove looks interesting. Haven't read his stuff, but his wiki profile suggests that Guy Gavriel Kay might be someone you'd like. His works tend to be more epic, developed, and not filled with constant action.

    1. I'll have to check out the ones you mentioned as they sound good. I've read a few of Meltzer, just not everything he's done like the others on the list. Right now I'm on the 2nd of 3 books by a new author I just found - Alex Dryden. It's a spy series and apparently the author is a former spy for MI6.
      I do recommend Baldacci a lot, he's one of my favorites on the list and I've never been disappointed in his work.