Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PCP on DVD - Project X

Continuing my run of low budget indie films here at the blog, today I take on the party film and probable new cult classic Project X.

Project X - 2012, rated R.  My rating: 6 out of 10.

This movie looks like it was a ton of fun to film.  If filming the party was half as fun as the party turned out in the movie, it would've been a blast to be an extra in this production.

Project X is trying very hard to top Superbad, and it steals a lot of it's plot:  3 nerdy kids try to throw the ultimate party to make themselves cooler in the eyes of their peers.  The primary differences between Superbad and Project X is that Superbad is significantly funnier and the characters have far more heart.  Here they are kind of abrasive, especially the character of Costa, who's kind of a douche. Also, Project X is shot first-person style, like a number of other movies lately (Cloverfield, Chronicle, & many others).

I must be getting old because I didn't like how the film glorified drug use as much as it did. I think it's perfectly possible to have an epic party with just booze without having to bust out ecstasy as well.  The party itself was well shot and looks like it was a ton of fun (as I mentioned earlier) but the film itself is kind of hollow - it's a party movie without a movie, it's just a party.  The plot is super shallow, the characters are more like caricatures, and the acting is sub-par.  The only saving grace of the film is that the party is so epic, you stay tuned to see how it will escalate next.

I'm glad I saw the film, but it won't be getting added to my DVD collection because I don't really see myself seeing the movie a 2nd time.  It seems like a one-time thing for me.  I guess I'm old now.  Now get off my lawn!

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