Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to PCP: Pop Culture Panorama

Hello and welcome to your first hit of Pop Culture Panorama (PCP).  My name is Mike and I will be your guide into the realm of pop culture.  I’m 29, married without kids (yet), and I watch insane amounts of movies and television.  I was in the film club in high school, where we watched classic films and then discussed them.  I took film courses in college at the University of Michigan.  Also, I worked in a movie theater through high school and college, so I watched every movie that came out between 1998 and 2004.  And I do mean every movie.  I have watched some amazing flicks and some awful disasters.  I’m not talking Pearl Harbor or Gigli levels of bad, I’m talking House of the Dead or From Justin to Kelly bad.  I feel that watching bad movies and mocking them can be just as much fun as watching a great film. I endeavor to watch every movie I can, either in theaters or when it comes out on Blu-ray, regardless of genre.  I have about 200 movies in my Netflix queue, and I have a home theater with a projector at my house.  My wife and I also have a movie collection with almost 800 titles we own.  I am a master at 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon and can quote a ton of movies from memory.  I also have a DVR with about 20-30 shows I regularly watch with my wife, so needless to say I watch a lot of TV and movies.
When I review something, I do it from the point of view of a movie fan, not a movie critic.  I started reviewing movies as a hobby because I felt that a lot of critics got a lot of movies wrong.  When I go to watch an action movie or a horror flick, the critics might have given it one or two stars, but my friends and I often thought it was awesome.  This is because critics are looking at a film from a technical standpoint, where movie fans leave the movie thinking about whether or not they were entertained and if they want their money back.  I have two different standards for reviewing films, one for “popcorn” films and one for “Oscar” films.  This is how I can give a movie like the Dark Knight the same rating I gave Schindler’s List, a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, even though they are two radically different types of films. I rate all movies on a scale from ½ a star to 5 stars, or in other words 1 to 10.  My friends, coworkers, and family have come to trust and respect my opinion on pop culture, seeking me out for reviews before they go to see a film or commit to watching a TV show, and I hope that you will too.
Over the coming weeks, I will try and get uploaded as many of my previous reviews of films as possible.  In the meantime, if you want to see my rating history (1-10 scale) of every movie I’ve ever seen, you can see it here:

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