Friday, November 2, 2012

FML - 15 days until 5k!

So my wife and I have been running for about 10 weeks now, and are registered for our first 5k on 11/17.  In our training for the 5k, we have both finally been able to successfully complete one (albeit on a treadmill) at a pace that we were comfortable at (about 15 minutes to a mile).  Unfortunately, that is slow as all heck, so we have two weeks to step up our pace a little bit so our time isn't completely laughable. 

The Couch to 5k app that we used to start our program was definitely very helpful in slowly but steadily building up our endurance, and I do recommend it.  Now if anyone has any suggestions for building up our speed without completely killing our endurance, I would appreciate the tips! 

Ultimately, my own goals for running are to increase my speed to a 12 minute mile for the short term, so when we do 5Ks in the spring we can break the 36 minute mark, then to eventually get down to around a 10 minute mile.  I know I can eventually meet that pace, because back in high school running 3 miles in 30 minutes was a prerequisite to be a defenseman on the lacrosse team (midfielders had to do it in 25).  Also, we plan on competing in the Big 10K next summer, a 10K sponsored by the Big Ten conference where you run representing your school.  After the 10Ks the next goal is to maybe get up to a half marathon.  I'm not sure if I want to take it that far though, or if my knees can handle it either.  We'll see!

The one nice thing is that when we run outdoors with the jogging stroller we can at least keep our son with us so it is some nice family time.  Unfortunately it is getting a bit too cold to consistently do that.  Thankfully, our gym has on site daycare so we can just drop him off there and run.

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