Friday, January 6, 2012

Blog redesign - PCP is now CRAPOLA

Wow it has been awhile since my last post, over 3 months.  I have been a little busy in that time, as my wife was in her final trimester of pregnancy with our first child, who joined our family on 12/19/11, and we had a lot to do to get everything ready for his birth.  Now, in the new year, I realized I want to take my blog in a new direction, and get back to posting on a more regular schedule.  Thus, I am expanding my blog out from what it used to be.  In the past, my blog was simply PCP:  Pop Culture Panorama.  I realized that this limited me a bit, because I also want to post about things outside of the realm of pop culture.  I want to start posting on what it is like being a first time dad.  Also, 2012 is an election year, and I might get the urge at time to talk about what is going on in politics or the country at large.  Thus, I am changing my blog.

The blog’s new name will be Cohodes’ Ramblings and Pronouncements on Life, Art.  Here at CRAPOLA, I’ll blog about whatever I feel like blogging about that particular day.  I will have a header on each post that will tell you right off the bat what the post will be about.

PCP will be the header for Pop Culture Panorama.  This means any post with PCP at the start of the title will be about movies, TV, books, videogames, music, or anything else pop-culture related.

FML will be the header for Fatherhood Means Laughter.  These will be my posts on my adventures as my wife and I raise our little son, or my thoughts on the future of our family or my son’s life.

POS will be the header for Politics or Stupidity.  These will be posts dealing with news, politics, and any other random thing I feel like commenting on.

So, that is how my blog is going to be laid out from now on, with the posts divided right in the header so you the reader can easily tell what the post will be about.  I hope to post weekly or every other week, but as I am barely getting any sleep lately or having any free time, who knows what will happen.  I’ll try and make sure not to go 3+ months without posting anymore however.  Thanks for dropping by!

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