Thursday, August 4, 2011

PCP on DVD - 14 short reviews of 2010 films

Continuing on with the clearing out of my backlog of reviews, here are my quick thoughts on 14 films from 2010, released between January and July of last year.  After these, my backlog is now down to 28 films, 16 from 2010 and 12 from 2011.  Once I’m back into 2011 I’ll go back to longer reviews. 

Shutter Island.  My rating:  9 out of 10.  I loved this movie.  Of course, anything directed by Martin Scorsese is a must-watch film in my book though.  Great twists and turns; a great mystery.  Very enjoyable film and I did not see the ending coming.

Alice in Wonderland.  My rating:  6 out of 10.  Honestly, give me the old Disney cartoon over this.  It looks like Tim Burton was dropping serious amounts of LSD when he filmed this.  Visually creative and beautiful, but it is probably too scary for little kids.

How to Train Your Dragon.  My rating:  10 out of 10.  Dreamworks finally made a film to match Pixar.  Funny, lighthearted, touching, and entertaining.  Great film all around, and one I can watch again and again.

From Paris with Love.  My rating:  6 out of 10.  Decent old-school style action flick.  Loved the Pulp Fiction reference Travolta’s character makes.  Good action sequences, but more believable than many action films, not too over the top in terms of events occurring that defy the laws of physics.

Repo Men.  My rating:  6 out of 10.  It’s a bleak look at a future where corporations rule the world and a dark sci-fi film with a high body count.  A good twist ending as well, but not a movie I’d watch a 2nd time unless there was absolutely nothing else on.

Date Night.  My rating:  6 out of 10.  Not as funny as it should have been given its stars.  Mark Wahlberg was funnier in this than either Tina Fey or Steve Carell. 

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Why Did I Get Married Too?  My rating:  3 out of 10.  Bleak, depressing, and not at all funny.  The first one was way better.  Avoid this like the plague.

Nightmare on Elm Street.  My rating:  5 out of 10.  Jackie Earle Haley is great as Freddy, but the rest of the movie is only so-so. 

Shrek Forever After.  My rating:  7 out of 10.  Better than Shrek 3, but still not as good as the original in the series.  A decent end (I hope end anyways) to the franchise.

The Karate Kid.  My rating:  7 out of 10.  Should be called the Kung Fu Kid but oh well.  Long movie that drags in places, but the ending fight sequences make it worth it.  A worthy remake of the original classic.

Knight & Day.  My rating:  6 out of 10.  Diaz & Cruise together should have made this movie better than it was.  It was ok, but nothing special.

Get Him to the Greek.  My rating:  7 out of 10.  This film was hilarious.  Not as good as Forgetting Sarah Marshall that it spun off from, but still quite funny.  P. Diddy steals every scene he’s in, he’s probably the funniest guy in the movie, and given the cast that says a lot.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  My rating:  6 out of 10.  Fun, but altogether average.  Jay Baruchel is entertaining, and Nic Cage is his usual over the top hammy self.

Despicable Me.  My rating:  9 out of 10.  Funny and entertaining, and surprisingly heartwarming as well.  Definitely one of the better non-Pixar animated movies of the past decade.

Ok that’s all for this time.  Next time will be the remainder of 2010, and then I’ll be back to longer reviews of the newer movies.  Thanks for dropping by!

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