Friday, July 25, 2014

PCP on DVD - Pompeii

Sometimes when I watch a movie, I realize I've made a horrible mistake. Pompeii was one of those films. So, rather than waste even more time with a real review, I'm going change things up for this one.

Pompeii - 2014, rated PG-13.  My rating: 3.5 out of 10. 

From a visuals standpoint this film was decent, with cool destruction sequences at the end. Otherwise though, it was a pretty bad movie with a plot ripped off from other films I've seen before. Overall, it was pretty much a waste of an hour and forty-five minutes.

Things I'd wish I'd done rather than watch this movie:
  • Listen to Bastille's Pompeii on repeat for 1 hr 45 min. It's a good song, but I'm sure after listening to it that long I'd probably grow sick of it.
  • Watch the parts of Titanic again that this film stole the plot from
  • Watch the parts of Gladiator again that were again stolen by this film
  • Watch star Emily Browning's prior film Sucker Punch again (and I gave that one a 4 when I reviewed it)
  • Get spoilers on star Kit Harington's show Game of Thrones directly from George R.R. Martin
  • Watch star Kiefer Sutherland's 24 series while being waterboarded
  • Spend time with my wife and son
  • Spend time working on other reviews for my blog
  • Do pretty much anything else
Bottom line - don't waste your time on this movie.

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