Monday, August 12, 2013

PCP on DVD - Bachelorette

Hollywood is trying to cash in on the success of Bridesmaids by making films with female casts doing raunchy things usually done by men on screen. Bachelorette is one of those films attempting to ride the Bridesmaids wave. Unfortunately, it falls far short of that excellent film.

Bachelorette - 2012, rated R.  My rating: 6 out of 10

Look at the poster to the left. It looks like the movie is going to be fun, right? It will be non-stop laughs all movie long? Yeah, that poster is extremely deceptive. Bachelorette balances its moments of laughter with moments of heavy drama, including delving into buzzkill topics like date rape, suicide, bulimia, abortion, and overdosing, but not in a humorous way. Yeah, I'd say that's false advertising for the film.

The actresses turn in great performances in the film, but I was left more bummed than tickled having watched this. The story is one of four friends reuniting for the wedding of one of them, Rebel Wilson, the fat one of the group (who is also horribly misued in this film as the non-funny one). The other three friends were the queen bees of their high school. My wife came up with a great analogy for this film: It's like Mean Girls 10 years after high school. Kirsten Dunst is Regina - the queen bee and snooty bitch, Lizzy Caplan is Gretchen but jaded after a personal tragedy (and ironically Caplan was Janis in Mean Girls), and Isla Fisher is super stupid like Karen. But the trio is out of high school now and dealing with life in the real world, and they have to come to terms with the messes that are their lives the night before their friend's wedding.

Overall, the film has its moments, but it was not what I was expecting and I turned off the film feeling disappointed. It was as if the movie didn't know what it wanted to be - a gross-out comedy or a serious melodrama, and it failed trying to combine the two. It should have just chosen one path and stuck with it, it probably would have been a better movie.

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