Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PCP on TV - My First DVR Casualty of the Fall

As you may know if you read my fall TV preview, my wife and I watch a lot of TV, and we added 9 new shows to the DVR for this television season.  Well, we are making the first cut from those shows.  Fox's The Mob Doctor is getting whacked from my DVR.  I said on my preview post that I was only "meh" on this show.  I only gave it a shot because I liked the cast, a lot.  As much as I like the actors involved in this show though, I feel that the show has come to the emergency room dead on arrival.  It seems that I'm not the only one that thinks this about the show, as it is not doing well in the ratings.  Don't be surprised if this doesn't get renewed, right now it is pulling well below Alcatraz and Terra Nova were last year.  I've decided to be preemptive and just cut it from my DVR now, so I can spend more time watching shows and movies that I actually enjoy.

As to the other new shows, I'm still waiting on the premieres of 3 of them (Nashville and Arrow debut 10/10, Beauty & the Beast 10/11), but of the ones I've seen, I'm enjoying them so far.  666 Park Avenue has potential but is struggling a bit in the ratings, so we'll see how that goes.  Elementary is pretty good so far.  Go On and Guys with Kids have me laughing quite a bit (and Go On already had its first season extended to a full season order, so NBC seems to be happy with that one).  Dallas doesn't return until January.

I'll do more posts on the fall TV season as it continues on, but thanks for dropping by today.

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